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How to spot sexual harassment at work

In 2015, a survey revealed that one out of three women experienced harassment at work at some point. When Texas employees experience such harassment, it may be a violation of their rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII prohibits sex discrimination, and sexual harassment is deemed to be a form of discrimination.

Court case could have implications for Texas employers

A woman claims that she was raped by another worker outside of work. Both the alleged rapist and the victim were workers for the Idaho Department of Corrections. At the time of the incident in August 2011, the man had been on administrative leave for another alleged rape that occurred in July 2011. The IDOC acknowledged to the woman that it knew about his history, and he had three prior complaints prior to the July 2011 incident.

When employees experience sexual harassment from clients

When many Texas employees think about sexual harassment in the workplace, they might immediately think about it being perpetrated by co-workers, supervisors or bosses. However, a study showed that sexual harassment coming from customers or clients could be just as damaging and as problematic for employees.

Workplace discrimination often starts in the hiring process

Some people in Texas take the view that hard work will bring job opportunities and career growth to people regardless of their race. Although success in the workplace requires dedication and skill development, data strongly indicates that blacks and Latinos face discrimination as soon as they even apply for jobs. Applicants from these groups receive fewer chances to interview, which translates into fewer job offers and reduced career potential.

Are you experiencing workplace retaliation?

Working in a hostile work environment can make it difficult to do your job and have peace of mind while you are trying to earn a living. There are many different types of behaviors and issues that can lead to a discriminatory or hostile work environment, and one of these issues is retaliation. 

City workers sue for overtime pay

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, non-exempt employees in Texas and around the country must be compensated for all overtime hours worked. This may include time spent sending emails, replying to text messages or taking calls on a cell phone. Furthermore, this may be the case even if the employer has a policy that forbids an employee from working overtime by using email or a cell phone to complete an assignment.

Age discrimination alleged at Google, other tech companies

Workers in Texas technology companies who are older may be more likely to face age discrimination on the job than workers in other industries. Google is facing an age discrimination lawsuit that has been joined by 269 people, and it is not the first time the company has been sued for this. In 2004, it settled a case out of court. The company claims that it has policies in place to protect against age discrimination, but a judge said that this was not enough to protect it from a lawuit.

Disrespectful workplaces can foster harassment

Workplace harassment has a specific legal definition and guidelines. However, disrespect and insensitivity in a Texas workplace can easily bleed over into even more damaging and troubling behaviors. Many human resources professionals emphasize the importance of building a positive culture of kindness and support in the workplace, not only to avoid harassment but also for the benefits it provides to the entire office.

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