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September 2017 Archives

When employees experience sexual harassment from clients

When many Texas employees think about sexual harassment in the workplace, they might immediately think about it being perpetrated by co-workers, supervisors or bosses. However, a study showed that sexual harassment coming from customers or clients could be just as damaging and as problematic for employees.

Workplace discrimination often starts in the hiring process

Some people in Texas take the view that hard work will bring job opportunities and career growth to people regardless of their race. Although success in the workplace requires dedication and skill development, data strongly indicates that blacks and Latinos face discrimination as soon as they even apply for jobs. Applicants from these groups receive fewer chances to interview, which translates into fewer job offers and reduced career potential.

The difference between gig worker and employee

There is a significant difference between Texas workers who are labeled as independent contractors as opposed to employees. Independent contractors are generally responsible for paying their own taxes and finding their own insurance. They may also be required to take steps on their own to obtain payment for services rendered. However, unlike most employees, they are generally allowed to choose when and how they work.

Overtime rule blocked by federal judge in Texas

The salary threshold for overtime pay has not been changed since 2004. It remained at $23,660 for overtime eligibility. President Obama's administration passed a new regulation that would have doubled the salary threshold to $47,000, making many more workers eligible for overtime pay. That rule change has been blocked by a federal judge in Texas, however.

Achieving your goals through a partnership agreement

If you ever participated in a three-legged race, you know how much fun they are. With one leg tied to the leg of a partner, you race for the finish line. When you and your partner are in synch, you move like one, taking long strides and using each other's momentum to carry you forward. But when things go wrong, they go very wrong. An uncooperative or ill-fitting partner can leave you lying in a heap while others pass you by.

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