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Sturm Law PLLC helps companies in the Houston metropolitan area safeguard their business interests, including trademarks and other intellectual property. We counsel and represent startups and established businesses with regard to trademark law and litigation.

If you need to enforce your trademark rights, or if your business has been accused of trademark infringement, we can develop a cost-efficient, forward-thinking strategy for protecting your rights and interests.

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Trademark Litigation

Federal laws and many state laws prohibit the unauthorized use of trademarks. A trademark is a distinctive symbol, word or phrase that identifies or distinguishes a company's particular products or services.

At Sturm Law PLLC, we can take swift action on your behalf to ensure the cessation of trademark infringement, as well as help you secure any monetary damages to which you may be entitled. We have a record of success in trademark law and business litigation, and our clients rely on our extensive knowledge and experience to achieve positive results in trademark cases.

If matters cannot be resolved outside of court, we will not hesitate to implement an aggressive litigation strategy.

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